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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if my rug needs cleaning?

There are four ways to check for dirt in your rug. First, lift the corner of the rug and slap the back with your hand. If dirt comes out, it needs cleaning. Second, dampen a white towel and rub across the surface of the rug. If the towel gets soiled, it needs cleaning. Next, pull the pile fibers apart and examine the foundation. If there is dirt in the warp and weft threads, the rug needs cleaning. Lastly, you see Spot christen the rug. It needs cleaning because that was probably not the first time; he just didn't get caught.

How often should I have my rug cleaned?

It really depends on number of people in your household, pets, lifestyle and location. However, every 1-3 years is generally satisfactory.

How long does it take to clean my rug?

It usually takes 2 weeks not including shipping time. Obviously the holiday and spring seasons may take longer.

Do you offer pick up and delivery?

We offer pickup and delivery in New York City.

What if I live outside the New York City area?

Yeshi Rug Restoring and Cleaning offers nationwide and worldwide service. Please contact us for shipping info. Also, you can email us HERE.

What types of rugs do you clean?

We clean all types of rugs: hand woven Orientals, braided, dhurries, kilims and flatweaves, Navajos and broadlooms. All kind of hand made rugs. Each of these rugs has their own cleaning method and special cleaning solution.

What is your payment policy?

We require half Payment up front in the form of a check or money order or cash to process your order. Final payment is due upon completion.

Do I really need a pad underneath my rug?

Rug padding is intended to hold your rug securely in place whether on hard or soft surfaces. This prevents the rug from shifting position or slipping which could be dangerous. Over time, shifting and slipping can cause stress and break the stitching on the rugs backing. Also, it can cause excessive wear and rug stretching. The good news is that rug pads actually increase the life of your rug and make them safer for family and friends.

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